Saturday, December 3, 2011

Merry Christmas!

As promised...I have created a special ornament for you as a thank you for your support during my inaugural year of Lady K Needlearts. It is hard to believe it has been a full year since I began this venture but it has been fun. If you wish to share this please do so by sharing the link to my blog


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things have been moving along quickly here.  I am working hard on my designs for the Nashville Market in February.  I will be releasing at least two larger designs and one set of accessories that I am hoping you will like.  At the moment I am working on something else but will keep that under wraps for now.  As Market approaches I will be sharing more with you--maybe even a sneak peek!

Later this week I will have a surprise for you here on the blog so please check back.

Until then...Take Care and Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Online Needlework Show

The Online Needlework Show will be held next week and I will be debuting my newest design.  It is my first collection of Holiday Ornaments--Christmas Trio This is a collection of three designs which I stitched on 36 ct white Edinborough linen using Belle Soie silks from Crescent Colours and Silk 'n' Colors from The Thread Gatherer.  While my finishing skills may not be the best I have included simple finishing instructions for all three ornaments but you can easily adapt any finishing style you prefer.  To purchase this you can go to  The Mad Stitcher or ask for it at your local needlework shop.

I am already working on my next projects so keep visiting.  You never know what you might see...Possibly a companion to Spanish Flair...a new flower garden...smalls...more ornaments...something totally different...who knows?  But you will find out here first!  So keep watching.  

Until next time...

Friday, September 2, 2011

September Releases!

On September 8th you will be able to purchase my latest designs.  Unfortunately I was not able to get the best of photos to share with you.  The first of these is Bachelor Buttons Gardens Tapestry continuing the series of flower gardens.  This one features silver metallic braids and beads and overdyed threads from ThreadworX in shades of blues and greens.  It uses some easy specialty stitches including Rice stitch and  Rhodes stitch.  The stitch count is 190w x 190 h.

The next one is Love is...  It features  a "Watermark" effect background and uses three shades of blue silk.  NPI 487A is used for the "Watermark" and two Crescent Colors silks for the rest of the design. There are no specialty stitches in this one.  This has a stitch count of 201w x 273h.

Again, I'm sorry the photos couldn't be better.  They are really gorgeous in real life.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Coming Soon!

Things have been busy for me. I have just finished the chart production for my new designs which will be released next month. My newest Garden Tapestry--Bachelor Buttons--turned out just beautifully. I think the framing is perfect for it and my dearest friend Kiki did a marvelous job with the stitching. She wanted to stitch this one so badly I couldn't say "no" but it was a challenge since I usually make color changes and other modifications during the stitching stage. But she worked with me and I think we did a great job getting this model finished. I can't wait for you to see it! Maybe I will give you a *sneak peek* soon!

The other sampler is called simply "Love is..." and is a monochromatic design with a gorgeous border and uses three shades of blue. I really think you will like it also.

Can you believe I am already working on my next projects? I have so many ideas running through my head I can't seem to get them down fast enough! I'll tell you more about them later. For now it is off the computer and back to chores.

Until next time...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Design!

I am thrilled to announce my latest release.  It is a bit unusual but I think you will enjoy it!  It is a cross between cross stitch and crazy quilting--without the quilting!   I have created an IPod/Cell phone pocket with two different looks.  You can stitch the basic design and finish it or you can add embellishments to give it a bit of Zing!  And the embellishments are just suggestions.  You can add as many or as few as you want.  It will be easy to use what you have on hand--fibers, ribbons, lace, buttons, charms, beads, pearls.  As you can see I added a tatted butterfly to mine!  Just use your imagination!  I have included some seam treatment suggestions and finishing instructions for this as well as the cording and tassel making instructions.   This pocket is very versatile.  It can be used not only for your IPod or cellphone but also  for your credit cards/cash, your keys, Driver's License or anything else you like!

This design is being released this week and I would love to see photos of your  pocket when you get it finished!  For purchase information check here or visit your local needlework shop!  The tatted butterflies are also available.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coming Soon!

I promised to tell you what I am up to now.  So here goes....

I am working on a new garden tapestry --Bachelor Buttons!  This will be a companion to Tulips and Daffodils in similar size and concept but it will also be quite different.  So it can stand alone as well.  It is being model stitched now in shades of blues and greens and I believe I like it better than the others.  But then I say that with each one I do.  I might be persuaded to give you a sneak peek!

I also have another set of small in the works and am contemplating something a bit different.  But these will have to wait for another day as they are still in the *creating* phase and may turn out completely different than what they are now.  So check back.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Introducing Lady K Needlearts

I have been asked by many people...Where can I see all of your designs? or  Do you have a website?  So I have started this blog to share with all of you what I am doing.

I first began designing for myself when I couldn't find what I was looking for in a printed chart.  At first just small motifs or changes to an existing chart.  Then my efforts became larger and more complex.  It is strange how my ideas came to life since I really cannot draw at all.  But putting small x's onto charts came much more easily for me.

It wasn't until friends and family began to encourage me to share my designs with others that I really considered publishing my work.  I did a couple of Christmas ornaments and gave them away as *freebies* and they were well received.  So I began looking into releasing some of my work.  Some of the first things I had designed was my Tulip Garden Tapestry and Daffodil Garden Tapestry.  I had designed and stitched these for myself and everyone who saw them really liked them.  So these were the first to be released. 

When I was asked to teach a class on specialty stitches I designed a sampler for illustration and practice of 16 stitches.  I included very detailed instructions and diagrams for doing each stitch and allowed each student to choose her own colors.  This was a great class and A Sampling of Stitches was born.  I decided to release this one in chart form also. 

While I was searching for a distributor,  I began making a set of smalls.  I had made a needlebook and scissors fob for a good friend for Christmas the year before so I added a pin cushion which could be made square or as a biscornu and I made a bag/pouch which could carry your scissors, cell phone, ipod, etc.  This one was stitched using Diamond Eyelets and using a play on words became Just Give Me Diamonds.

I published my first designs as Lady K Needlearts in September 2010 and released them at the St Charles Market by my distributor--Kelmscott Designs.   The designs were accepted quite well and I was very pleased.  So I began working on new designs for the February Market in Nashville.  I will have two designs debuting next weekend--Spanish Flair and The Greatest of These Spanish Flair is a large sampler which has a Spanish influence.  I really love this design and created it just for me but I couldn't keep it just for myself.  It is stitched with two colors of floss--red and black-- but can be easily changed to suit your preference.  The Greatest of These is a band sampler featuring lots of specialty stitches and variegated fibers.  It was designed in memory of my husband, Bo.  I created it during my time of grieving and it helped get me through a very difficult period.  I stitched it in his favorite colors of teal and green and had it framed.  But I cannot bare for that to leave my house so I stitched it again in a red/burgundy colorway to show how different a design can look using different fabrics and floss colors.  I have included both colorways but these colors can also be easily changed to match your decor.  I hope you like them!

Now I am working on my next projects.  I will share them with you in a few days so please come back to visit soon.