Saturday, May 12, 2012

Well, the Nashville Needlework Market was a success!  I am so pleased that my new designs were so well received.  Thank you all.

I am presently working on two new designs.  One of them is a Christmas design that I am hoping to release in July so that you will have plenty of time to stitch it before the holidays.  I am presently stitching the model and making changes in my choices of threads and colors.  This fine tuning always take the longest time for me to do.  But I am hoping you will like the final result.  I may give you a sneak peek soon!  ;)

The other design is something a little different.  The model is complete but I am having to get all the finishing instructions complete and you know how difficult it is to make someone understand finishing without actually being able to show them.  So this is taking a bit of time.  But you will be the first to know as soon as it is ready.

Please come back often.  You may get a surprise or two!

Until next time...