Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Personalized Samplers

Most people do not know that I am doing personalized samplers.  So I wanted to share with you some photos of the samplers I have been doing.  

The first one I did was for my dearest friend Kiki.  I really wanted something special for her for her birthday.  She is a retired school teacher,  an equestrian,  and an experienced seamstress. She is very talented in so many other ways as well.  I began making a list of all things I think of when I think of her and it grew exponentially.  Family is very important to her so I added them as well.  When I presented it to her for her birthday and she was thrilled with it.  She is stitching it in blues--her favorite color. 

Next  I did this sampler for my friend and *almost daughter* Angel.  Again I chose all the things I think of when I think of her.  And her favorite color is purple!

I did this sampler for Tracy.  Her favorite colors are pink and green but I also want to show how easily these can be done as a monochromatic design.

I am working on a couple more at the moment.  I love doing these and would like to do more of them.  If you are interested in a sampler of your own, please email me and I will work something up for you.

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