Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nashville releases

I can now show you the new releases for Nashville Market. I am very pleased with how these turned out.  As stated in my last post this one is the fourth in the garden tapestry series--Chrysanthemum Garden Tapestry.

And the next one is French Elegance.   These will be available on February 24th from your favorite LNS.  If you don't have an LNS please check here

I look forward to your comments. Please be sure to send me photos of your wips or finished pieces. Enjoy!


  1. I bought French Elegance. The moment I saw it I knew I wanted it and asked my LNS to pick it up at Market for me, which she did. I met with 13 other gals this past Sat at PTP in Abilene, KS to stitch and bought some thread for it. But, was confused to how much I should buy! Could you clarify please, the back says 5 skeins of Belle Soie for the black or 5 of DMC, that can't be correct. The Tulip says 3 and the DMC says 6.
    Also, did you use one strand? I am doing it on PTP Sterling 36ct and thought I would use one strand. I am using GAST Midnight and Threadworks for the red 10421.
    Thanks for a response, just want to make sure to get enough to begin the project.

    Love this design so much, I enabled several! LOL
    Judy in Kansas

  2. Sorry Judy, you are so right. The usage should be Belle Soie 5 skeins or DMC 10 skeins if stitching 2 over 2. If stitching 1 over 2 on the 36 or 40 count linens it should be 3 skeins of Belle Soie or 5 skeins of DMC. These numbers are very generous and depending upon your personal stitching habits you may need fewer skeins. (I am emailing you privately but thought others may need to know this as well.)

    I am so glad you like this design and hope you will share your wip photos with us. Thanks you.


    1. Thank you for the quick response. I will share pictures when I get started on this lovely design.

    2. my email is
      Thank you.