Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Release Day!

Today is the day for my fall releases and I am so excited.  I have three releases and each is different.  

The first is my large design for this fall--A Christmas Tree Garden.  It is a Christmas design but I think you might find it a bit different.  It is a mandala type design with four completely different Christmas Trees for you to decorate as you see fit.  I have added lots of sparkle to my trees by using an opalescent fabric, lots of metallic fibers, beads, charms, crystal treasures.  You can use my ideas or use them as inspiration for your decorating ideas.  There are a couple of simple specialty stitches in it.  The Rhodes Circles for the white ornaments on the Norwegian Blue Spruce.  The Scotch pine is stitched with Straight Stitches.  And the Frazier Fir is stitched with Back Stitches.  The Cedar has some couching of Rainbow Gallery's Precious Metals garland.  The stitch count  is 231w x 233h.  It was stitched using silk and metallic fibers but a DMC conversion is given for your convenience.  I really hope you like it.  This one was so much fun to stitch.

Next up is my set of Christmas ornaments for 2012.  They are called Roses for Christmas.  There are three different designs using similar color palettes.  The color palette would be easy to change for yellow, pink, coral or other color roses.   They were professionally finished by Claudia Bourgeois from Baton Rouge, LA.  who did an absolutely fabulous job on them.  Thank you so much, Claudia!   Complete finishing instructions are included in the chart.

My last project requires a bit of background explanation.  Recycling has always been a big thing for me.  I am always looking for different ways to use things other people call trash.  You know that plastic container that is carelessly thrown away, or that three ring binder with writing all over the front that your job description/human resources guide came in from four jobs ago. You know what I mean!  Well I was looking at a Crystal Light container a while back and thought there had to be something I could use it for.  Then it came to me.  It would be great to hold my eyeglasses on my desk to keep them from getting lost or damaged.  The thing I really liked about these containers are that the label comes off of it and leaves no writing or residue on the container. The oval ones are the perfect size and shape for spectacles and the round ones are great for a pen/pencil holder.

Therefore, I have created a set of Flourish Desk Accessories which include a Stitching Journal Book Cover, an Address Book Cover, an Eyeglass Holder, a Pen/pencil Holder, a Ruler pocket (not shown) and a BONUS Sewing Box (also not shown) which can be used for paper clips, rubber bands or other desk supplies.  An Alphabet is included so you can personalize things as you wish.  And detailed finishing instructions are included.

 Add other accessories for your desk--see what else we can recycle. 

If you like these designs please check with your Local Needlework Shop.  If you don't have a Local Needlework Shop feel free to stop by my shop at .

I am already working on projects for the Nashville Market in February so visit often, you never know what I might think of next!  Until next time...

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