Friday, September 7, 2012

September Releases

It has been a while since I was here and I am very sorry for that.  But I have been very busy--both in the shop and designing some new things for you.  But I am hoping you will be pleased with what I have come up with. First I have a larger Christmas design.  Here is a small sneak peek:

I am such a tease! Aren't I? But you will get to see it all very soon.

I have also finished my Christmas Ornaments for 2012.  They are called Roses for Christmas and I think you will like them.  Not only can they be used for Christmas but they can be used all year long.  And they have detailed finishing instructions included. There are three designs included just as did the Christmas Trio from last year.  And since these roses only use four or fewer colors for each bloom it will be easy to change the color of the roses by just selecting a dark, med,light, and extra light shade in any color range you desire.

 My friend Claudia Bourgeous from Baton Rouge, LA did the finishing for me and she did a fantastic job.  If you ever have need of finishing work just contact her.  I highly recommend her. 

Lastly, I have designed a set of desk accessories.   I was fooling around at my desk one day and realized I needed a better way to organize it.  Couple that with my recycling habit I found several containers and other items that worked perfectly for what I needed.  However, they didn't look that pretty.  So I designed covers for them and came up with a nice set of accessories.  

Can you guess what this was in it's former life?

They include a Stitching Journal, an Address Book, an Eyeglass Holder, a Pen/Pencil Holder, a Ruler Pocket and a Bonus *Sewing Box* that can otherwise be used to hold paperclips, rubber bands or other desk supplies.  With a complete alphabet included you can change it to whatever you like.  The design is also easily converted to make other tools as needed.  Just use your imagination.  I cannot wait to show you everything but I have been told I must.  But they will be released in mid-September so keep watching! 

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